botanical consultations

Debbie is trained by Aviva Romm, M.D. as well as her wonderful fellow students as a Herbal Consultant for Women.  In other words, Debbie is prepared and educated in applying botanicals into all the stages a woman encounters from puberty through menopause.

Most important Debbie listens to not only what needs to be healed on the physical level but on the emotional level, too.

It is a pleasure to assist women as they recognize their individualized needs for health and balance.

Contact Debbie for personal consultations, group education classes, and the needs of women and their daughters as they journey together.


Here’s a fun little sheet you can print off and go to for a simple herbal guidance in your kitchen!

The Handy “Go-To” Household Herb List

Condition Herbs Herb Food
Digestion Ginger Fennel Yogurt
Constipation Nettle Licorice Soaked Raisins
Calming down Chamomile Lavender Bananas
Insomnia Passionflower Valerian Warm Milk with Nutmeg
Headache Lavender Peppermint Whole Grains
Cold Ginger Yarrow Garlic
Cough Marshmallow Licorice Honey and Black Pepper
Soothing for Children Lemon Balm Chamomile Grapes
Detox Nettle Dandelion Lemon
Skin Dandelion Burdock Turmeric
Women Red Raspberry Leaf Rose Dark Chocolate
Men Gotu Kola Sassafras Dark Chocolate
Stressors Ashwaghandha Holy Basil Dark Chocolate

by Debbie Moskowitz, Deborah Consulting LLC  216-789-8811