Choosing your daily inspiration (or stimulation)

Yes, you heard me right.  We all have very full days.  Whether a stay at home Mom, a college grad student, or retired, each of us have a lot to accomplish in a day!  Our strength is needed.  Our gentleness is needed.

So, you wake up in the morning and maybe you slept like a baby for eight hours, or you were up with a newborn most of the night, at some point during the day you’re going to have a little urge to keep yourself going for the last round of responsibility for the day.  Maybe for an evening stroll with a friend or a yoga class.

I select from four choices to inspire me each day.  I consider my roles for the day and how I am needed.  I choose from coffee, green tea, chocolate and herbs.  And I’m only talking organic, whole ingredients.  Candy bars and mocha latte drinks with a ton of syrup do not count.  

1.  Dark chocolate, think 70% or higher!  Love it.  I eat it for breakfast now and then.  The less ingredients the better, the more bitter the better.  I look for raw cacao and organic sugar for the main ingredients.  Try to skip the added crunch and flavors.  Make it a treat.  You will not overeat this.  Think a balanced euphoria with a little stimulation.  Perfect around 4pm when you are greeting kids off the bus.

2.  Coffee.  I thought I’d never drink it, now I love it.  Organic, no decaf, get good stuff.  I grind my own, use a 6 oz french press and do not sweeten it (ok, sometimes stevia).  I add almond milk.  That’s a personal preference.  Coconut milk, coconut oil, soy milk, whole milk.  I add cinnamon and nutmeg to cut the jitters a little.  And just a few times a week.  It’s a treat.  It makes me giddy and silly when I’m taking my kids out for a day of playing or when I need to be uber excited about a project I’m working on.  The feeling doesn’t last long, so remember that.  And I drink a lot of water on the days I drink coffee because it is dehydrating.  

3.  Green tea.  I recommend this to my new mama friends.  Green tea gives me a much more steady stimulation and it’s less mild than coffee (no ups and downs).  I have no trouble going to sleep when drinking green tea during the day.  And it feels so good in the body.  There’s matcha tea, jasmine….dark green to a very pale spring green.  Experiment.  Find your match.  You’ll know it when you find it.  (Now another blog will show you how I mixed a shot of espresso into a mug of matcha tea and my head was tingling for an hour….that was fun, maybe?)

4.  Herbal tea.  Yep!  Herbal tea can be stimulating.  Peppermint is my go to drink.  Somedays I don’t want to be crazy stimulated.  I want to keep low and mellow but still awake and alert.  I drink peppermint tea, sweeten it with a little sugar, maybe a little milk.  Kids love it, too.  I always feel like I’m drinking dessert.  

I hope this helps you think a little deeper into why, when, and how you need a little pick me up during your day.  But be gentle on yourself!  Maybe you do need a nap instead of a hot drink.  Maybe a brisk walk outside for a few minutes is what you need.  Or call a girlfriend (that can be a great “pick me up”).  Experiment, be kind to yourself and enjoy learning a little bit about you.  


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