June News!

Yesterday was an early kick start to summer for Cigfy!  My daughter, Julia, and I were at the Little Italy Murray Hill art walk.   Just outside the Still Point Gallery, we set up a beautiful table which featured one of the Cigfy cacao bars and one of the Cigfy truffles.  Which ones?  The Midnight Bar coated in spicy sweet cinnamon and cracked black pepper, sweetened only with dates.  And the Matcha Tea truffles, truly Cigfy’s most unique confection as a white cacao truffle coated in matcha tea and coconut.

Julia and Cigfy

I love introducing the style of Cigfy to new people.  As a Mom, I’m inside my house a lot at the computer, in front of an herbalism book, or creating a meal or chocolate in the kitchen.  So, it’s nice to socialize for a day!

What would YOU like to see Cigfy accomplish this summer?  What CAN Cigfy offer Cleveland?  A weekly menu?  Teas?  Raw and Vegan ice creams?  More cacao bars?  Blog more recipes?  Support?

Cigfy will select one local response (chosen blind folded, of course) with a sample truffle and cacao bar!

Next Post will feature the Summer Menu and locations for Cigfy.  Love you all!  And Welcome to my new friends that were introduced to Cigfy yesterday!

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