Leila’s Lullabye

Leila, every night falling asleep against my chest
my heart is her bedtime story, her lullabye.

No words are spoken,
next to me in bed.

I hope she becomes intoxicated by

Dan, Leila, and myself

My little Leila

the scents of jasmine and rose that I adorn.
So my healing becomes her healing.  
She falls into sleep deeper and deeper as I lie there waiting for my turn to come.

Did I ever imagine I would start a blog that’s usually about raw cacao and herbs and other tasty and nourishing treats, with a poem?  A poem that I wrote?  Never.  But did I ever imagine that I would fall in love with creating chocolates and that it would become a way my own intuition could surface and be heard?

Years ago I was a percussionist.  Trained classically with hours and hours of practicing.  Years of practicing.  Well earned callused and blistered fingers.  A petite girl passing from teens to twenties surrounded by drums and anything conceivable that could be struck and a composer would willingly, daringly put in a music score.  But beyond the practicing was performing from a deeper place, a place I couldn’t get to.  And I closed the doors on percussion.

Time passed and I became this Mom of four, now in her (early) forties.  And while little one’s tugged at anything they could to get more attention out of me, creating chocolates and studying herbs became my own private passion.  And I found a little something opening inside me.  I relaxed and dove into it, a deep inside place that I couldn’t locate as a musician.  It was my heart.

And I began to write and journal.  I forgot that I wanted to be a writer in college because drumming took me over.  And writing is the long lost place I now recall where I get to go deeper into this opening.  Usually this happens before the sun rises and before I practice my pranayama and asanas and especially before four children start stirring with their needs.  And it’s a very secretive and confusing place these days.  But I love when I feel it surface through words, onto paper…by my hand…from my soul.  Because it’s deeper than the heart yet finds it’s way out.

So I give to you a little more about myself.

I’ll talk about chocolates soon enough.  That’s why there is Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Just wait to see what is coming this summer, starting with June…for You.  All from inside through knowledge, intuition and play.

With love,


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