Let the Merryment Begin!

We did it!  Spring is really here.  As I look out my window at this moment, seeing the beautiful green buds on the trees turn into flowers, I’m excited and inspired.  And I am reassured as I am now getting use to this view as we moved into this house exactly one year ago.

And it was a long, long, cold winter.  Very cold, very long.  It hurt.  So looking out the window this evening watching the sun set has my complete admiration.

Let’s talk raw cacao!  May is around the corner and the May and June menu are planned.
Inspired by the warmth of the sun, the increasing sunlight, the smells, the blooms, the celebrations.
Each of these bars inspire and nourish your body and soul as they are based on traditional and modern herbal remedies.

May Menu:
The Raspberry Truffle:  A classic with fresh raspberries.  Cacao beans, coconut butter, agave, raspberries, sea salt $15 1/4 lb.
The Midnight Bar:  This new bar is requested often for it’s unadulterated darkness and rough texture, but the cinnamon teases you with sweetness.  Cacao beans, dates, coconut butter, cinnamon, cracked black pepper.  A lot of cinnamon.  $7 a bar.
And…presenting the “I Love You, Mom” Bar:  Pink and Floral with Cacao beans, dates, coconut butter, roses, hibiscus, pink peppercorns and pink himalayan sea salt.  Might just stay on the menu.  $8.50 a bar.

June Menu:
Matcha Tea Truffles:  The only white chocolate truffle by Cigfy.  Cacao butter, coconut butter, cashews, agave, matcha tea, vanilla bean and sea salt.  $17 1/4lb.
The “You’re The Best, Dad” Bar:  Mortar and Pestle crushed coffee beans and cacao nibs.  Cacao beans, dates, coconut butter, coffee beans and vanilla bean.  $8.50 a bar.
The “Midsummer Night’s Dream Bar”:  This one has been a dream of mine for two years and now it’s coming to fruition!  Cacao beans, dates, coconut butter, two different types of vanilla,  jasmine extracted oil and petals.  Beautiful.  $8.50 a bar.

Orders are placed traditionally by contacting Debbie directly who will confirm the order within 24 hours!
216-789-8811 or deb@cigfy.com


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