Men can drink tea too, ya know.

About two years ago, my husband was told he had candida.  Part of his cleanse was to stop drinking coffee.  Now let me tell you that he needed his coffee.  Both the kids and myself were trained to not come near him in the morning without his first mug of coffee.  And I really knew he was addicted when on a Shabbat there was no hot water prepared and he took a tablespoon of instant coffee into his mouth and then down’d it with a little water.

He transitioned off of coffee through black tea and then green tea.  Now he goes back and forth between those caffeinated teas and with non-caffeinated adaptogens such as gotu kola and ashwagandha.  He drinks tea morning till evening.  Sometimes he remembers to keep some hot water on for my own mug.  

As I’m studying herbalism for Women’s health, I’m becoming very sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of our bodies and how reaching out and finding the right herb (tea) that speaks to each woman can bring on such needed balance.

But what about the men?  Can a man drink tea to help with sore muscles after a Bikram or Crossfit class or a run?  Men are sleep deprived when raising children and working long hours.  What about anxiety, depression, confusion, care taking, an illness?  When I saw this book and watched the author take questions on Twitter a couple weeks ago, I purchased the book without hesitation.  And I jumped up and down for joy when it arrived today.

If I am treating a Mom, who says the husband/father doesn’t need a little TLC?

Now, will most men drink their tea?  Will someone have to brew it for them?  Is Dan an exception?  I will find the answer to these questions.  And I am going to start working on my sons and their own needs.

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