Moving Day!

The Cigfy kitchen and apothecary is in boxes and the moving van comes on Monday, April 15! This move represents a lot for Dan and myself. We have worked hard this last year from career changes to leaving our beautiful home that we bought when we became engaged and where we brought four children into the world! We boxed it all up, donated a lot of what we accumulated and took to a rental for 8 months where three children shared a room and Leila stayed with Mom and Dad. It has been an emotional journey, all within a 6 mile distance from beginning to end.

I continued to make and explore the world chocolates and herbs and how it is a true labor of love for me.

I have to express the appreciation I have for the support from my family and friends which is absolutely unbelievable and I can not wait to share my new house and new endeavors with everyone.

Ingredients are in a truck travelling to the new home right now, ready for a few late April orders and…Mother’s Day!

Cigfy has a few plans for this summer, so keep watching! Think Cigfy Lemonade stand for kids and adults!

With love,
Debbie and the Cigfy family!

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