A new healing line of Cigfy chocolates

I suppose it was bound to happen, after two years of formal herbal studies in Western herbalism.  And with a passion for Ayurveda.  And drinking tea after tea after tea.  And eating lots of dark chocolate.  And meeting the most amazing and inspiring people.

You see, we could all buy a chocolate bar anywhere.  But Cigfy has a warmth, a balance in flavor and a feeling that settles deep inside of you.  Just a little bite, not a whole bar is needed.   Your taste buds tell you that it’s all o.k.  Afterall, it’s just cacao beans, a little sweetness and some added spices or fruit.

But now, the herbalist is taking over.  And that passion for Ayuveda “talk” just won’t go away.  So, now there is a line of Cigfy chocolate bars:  Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Ok, someone out there might laugh and say that raw cacao doesn’t fit into Ayurveda!  True, true, but this is about balance.  And most people want a little chocolate, so why not enhance it to fit your unique needs.

Vata:  Wind….the chaos in our heads and that make our feet run around multi tasking all day long, these crazy days.  The vata bar is grounding, heavy, sweet.  Raw Cacao Beans, Dates, Almonds, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Anise, Sea Salt, Coconut Palm Sugar for a little texture.

Pitta:  Fire…the heat that becomes stamina  but sometimes can’t calm or cool down on it’s own.  “simmer down!”  This bar is cooling and sweet to calm you….Raw Cacao Beans, Dates, Hibiscus, Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Rosewater, Coconut Palm sugar.

Kapha:  Water…the heaviness and lethargy of a cold winter, not wanting to get out of bed, staying out too late.  This bar has some heat, to warm you up and stimulate.  It might just make you perform a few sun salutations.

So there is your introduction to where Cigfy is heading in Spring 2014!

Contact Debbie with any questions or ordering information.  Each bar is $7 .



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