new moon, new beginnings

The next new moon, on September 25, brings in the Jewish New Year.  Yet the new moon last week began the delights of a new year for me.  During that new moon:  Four children began school.  I celebrated my birthday with my closest friends who made the time to visit me all day long (I did bribe them with my teas and chocolates).  I began exploring the artist within along with other amazingly strong artists, a year long journey to deep explorations.

While I’m already missing the long days of summer, a very physically active yoga practice, staying out late watching my kids catch fireflies, and the many barefoot walks with Leila, I’m am now slowing down.  I feel it.  I’m craving warmer foods, spicier teas, and a nap here and there.  I am dedicating this autumn and winter to allowing myself to slow down.  Cigfy’s emphasis will be on herbs, women, and nourishment.  I personally will be practicing yoga at home, sketching in my journal every day, teaching botanical classes,  and finally allowing the knowledge I’ve been accumulating to reach out to women.

What about the raw chocolates!?  They will be around.  Limited, though.  Chai Fudge and Smoke and Mirrors bars in September (lavender with black volcanic salt).  Elderberry and Echinacea truffles in October.   The successes of Cigfy brought to the surface my talents to create, share and nourish.  And I can now acknowledge those skills so I can become what I’ve always prayed to be, a healer.   Chocolatier to a healer?!  I believe it can be.

Healing takes knowledge, but it is an art.  It comes from a place very, very deep inside.  So I dive into it as this New Year begins.

With love,



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