Cigfy will offer inspirational and seasonally appropriate Raw Chocolates, Desserts, and Confections every month. The menu is very limited, as everything is completely hand made. (my chocolate stained fingers prove the hard work involved) Don’t be shy to ask questions, place an order or ask for a special request.  Contact information is below.

And Cigfy looks forward to a challenge including catering a beautiful display of raw vegan desserts.  Everyone deserves to be touched by the chocolates and desserts that nature can provide, whole and naturally.   I look forward to providing you Cigfy! 216-789-8811 or deb@cigfy.com 

HOLIDAY 2014!  made in small batches, limited amounts available
All raw, organic, and vegan.  Sweetened with dates or agave.
Raw Cacao Bars:  Peppermint Crunch, Elderberry Lavender, Midnight, Raspberry Rose $8.50/3oz bar
Truffles:  Matcha Tea  $16 for 1/4 lb (about 8 truffles)


OCTOBER MENU is coming out mid-month!

Elderberry Truffles
Poppy and Nutmeg Cacao Bars
The very dark Turkish Coffee Bars

All hand crafted and wickedly good.  Keep a stash for the adults who might be trick or treating!  Pre orders highly recommended.


August menu!
After taking the  month of August off to get children settled into the school year (and to play a little with them), here is the September menu transitioning from cooling lavender to warming chai…..just like the change in seasons.

The Midnight Bar (now a classic): cacao beans, dates, coconut oil, cinnamon and black pepper. essential oil of cacao beans. $8.50 a bar

The Smoke and Mirrors bar: cacao beans, dates, coconut oil, vanilla beans, lavender, black volcanic salt, grey salt and pink himalayan salt. essential oil of lavender. $8.50 a bar

Chai Fudge: cacao beans, coconut oil, agave, vanilla beans and extract, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper and sea salt. essential oils of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger. $14 for a 4oz block 


Remember, when it’s gone it’s gone. I have 20 Midnight bars, 15 Smoke and Mirrors bars, and 10 bags of fudge. Next stop for Cigfy? Hingetown Farmers Market on Sunday, September 21st!!!!


July Menu! This one is very limited as I want to be playing outside with Leila and Zac and tending to my growing garden of healing herbs.  10 Bars each are available and a couple pounds of truffles.   When they are gone, they are gone…I’ll be watching big fluffy clouds move by or counting fire flies at night.

Marshmallow Lavender:  Not the sticky sweet marshmallows we buy these days, this actually powdered marshmallow root, a slightly sweet and mucilaginous nourishing herb.  The marshmallow root is infused right into the cacao liquor as it is melting and then the essential oil of lavender and lavender petals are added.  And a little crunch of cacao nibs for fun. Raw cacao liquor, dates, coconut oil, vanilla bean, marshmallow root, chocolate mint leaves, and essential oil of lavender. $8.50 for a 3 oz bar

Mocha Almond Java:  Homemade almond butter with himalayan sea salt blended with the essential oils of the cacao bean and coffee bean.  This is one is a kid favorite for adults. Raw cacao liquor, dates, coconut oil, vanilla bean, almonds, vanilla beans, almond extract, essential oils of cacao and coffee beans, and himalayan sea salt. $8.50 for a 3 oz bar

Maca Rose Truffles:  By special request, this Peruvian maca root is energizing with a slightly “graham” taste. Cacao beans, coconut, agave, himalayan sea salt, vanilla bean, maca root powder, rose water, and vietnamese cinnamon. $16 for 1/4 lb truffles.


June Menu! Excited to start posting Cigfy’s June menu! Think summer, floral, stimulating and even (gasp) titillating. I know some friends have been patiently been waiting…

“Miriam’s Jasmine”: raw cacao, dates, coconut butter, vanilla beans, essential oil of jasmine and dried jasmine petals. $8.50 for a 3 oz. bar

The Father's Day bar...Turkish ground espresso blended right into raw cacao

The Father’s Day bar…Turkish ground espresso blended right into raw cacao and a pic of the Jasmine Bar!

“Strong and Sweet” Bar: raw cacao, dates, coconut butter, almond extract and turkish ground organic espresso $8.50 for a 3 oz bar

And….back by popular demand, the “Matcha Tea Truffles”: Cacao butter, cashew butter, coconut butter, agave, vanilla beans, matcha tea and cacao nibs. All raw, all organic. $16 for 1/4lb of truffles.

The Infamous Matcha Tea Truffle

The Infamous Matcha Tea Truffle

Pre-orders have been coming in, so don’t hesitate. Call, text, message me. I’ll get back to you promptly. Thanks for the Cigfy love! And spread the word. deb.cigfy@gmail.com or 216-789-8811

Previous menu: May The Raspberry Truffle:  A classic with fresh raspberries.  Cacao beans, coconut butter, agave, raspberries, sea salt $15 1/4 lb. The Midnight Bar:  This new bar is requested often for it’s unadulterated darkness and rough texture, but the cinnamon teases you with sweetness.  Cacao beans, dates, coconut butter, cinnamon, cracked black pepper.  A lot of cinnamon.  $7 a bar. And…presenting the “I Love You, Mom” Bar:  Pink and Floral with Cacao beans, dates, coconut butter, roses, hibiscus, pink peppercorns and pink himalayan sea salt.  Might just stay on the menu.  $8.50 a bar. Cigfy mini CupcakeCinnamon Cacao (mini) Cupcakes   Homemade Cashew, Coconut and Almond flours blended into a hand made Date jam with Vietnamese Cinnamon, scraped Vanilla beans, Coconut oil, himalayan sea Salt and a touch of crunch with Sucanat sugar.  Iced with Cashew and Almond butter Cinnamon icing and topped with a Cashew crumble. $3.00/cupcake.  $33 for a dozen cupcakes.         The CupcakeThe CupcakeThe CupcakeThe CupcakeThe Cupcake