cacao stained hands and blood shot eyes

During December of 2013 I was seriously considering shutting down Cigfy.  To immerse myself in herbal studies and have a little more routine with the kids.  You see, making chocolates for Cigfy is my art.  It’s not a traditional canvas that you think art is created on, but it is art!  And as most artists know, it can drain you.  It can make you cry.  And I wasn’t sure if I wanted chocolate stained hands and blood shot eyes. So I took a break.  For about six weeks.

It didn’t last long.  I was craving to get my hands in cacao, to inhale the scent, and to get a little crazy.  If you know me and have come visit my kitchen when I’m making chocolates (I love visitors, they help inspire me and they get to taste test), I’m a little crazy when I am making chocolates.  Some of you say it’s because of the caffeine in the cacao….sorry, I don’t agree.  It’s because a flow of energy that merges my passions are coming together.

I’m in my home that I love with at least Leila hanging at my feet, I have herbs and oils and essences around me, and I get to play chocolatier…which was my favorite part of training as a pastry chef.  And when I mix and match and taste….well, I’m just giddy. And when the perfect combination comes together, it’s not the taste…it’s a warmth that overcomes my body that tells  me I nailed a recipe.

Obviously, I’m back into Cigfy stronger than ever.  My fingers are stained with cacao powder and my eyes are a little blood shot.  Don’t worry, I’m still making time to finish my Western Herbalism studies.

At home with Cigfy

At home with Cigfy

It’s ok.  My “little cult following” as I use to call it is growing and I dream often of the day Cigfy will ship powerful and nourishing chocolates many, many places.

Meanwhile, Cigfy is taking a two week vacation along with my kids.  Well needed and well deserved as I think about late spring and early summer chocolates.  Think Calendula, Roses, Berries.  And I will be expanding on my line of Ayurvedic chocolates and creating a chocolate bar for the men!  I love my girls, but the guys need a little chocolate, too!

Thank you for all the support and Cigfy love!  Visit me on Facebook where I’m most active, Pinterst and Instagram.  Peace.

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