Raising a Mom

I want to dedicate today’s blog to my family.  It doesn’t matter if you have one or seven children.  Birthing, raising, loving, and teaching children is hard work.  And I make a lot of mistakes.  But I decided while the twins were still pretty young that it was better to be myself as a silly laughable Mom instead of a neurotic Mom (I did try the neurotic Mom thing for a while).  I let the kids laugh at me, watch me have temper tantrums.  I let them watch me study.  And they know when I’m trying out a new chocolate (cause I need calm and quiet during those moments).  I want them to see me make mistakes and recover from them.

I  go to bed each night hoping that I did everything possible during the day to raise my children as happy, content and confident people.  They are allowed some sugar, ice cream, chocolate and cookies.  But we also drink a lot of tea, and veggies need to be eaten throughout a day.  My children really do teach me.  From Leila learning by observation and perseverance, to Zac’s love of hugs and kisses, to Julia saving an earthworm at the pool, and Darren’s selfless act when a glass chandelier broke just in front of his baby sister as he ran and scooped her up in his arms.

Here’s a couple snapshots I took at those proud Mom moments.  Studying herbalism, making a sweet for Cigfy…it’s all for them.  I pray they surpass me in everything I do, know, and learn.

learning to make cupcakes from scratch

playing at the botanical garden

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