the cigfy menu






The menu does change with the seasons, holidays, and inspirations.  All items are completely raw-inspired, organic, and use kosher certified ingredients.
Cigfy is inspired by being in the moment, a practice of listening inward when any moment can be made calm.

teasingly sweetened with dark raw agave
ingredients include:  raw cacao beans, dried coconut, dark raw agave, vanilla bean, sea salt with essential oils, herbs and spices.

Cacao Bar
simply sweetened with hand made date “jam”
ingredients include:  raw cacao beans and fresh dates with herbs and spices such as Vietnamese cinnamon, essential oils, flower essences and petals, and pink himalayan sea salt

Call for availability for these items:

Nut, Seed, and Fruit Bar
with dark raw agave
about 7 different raw nuts and seeds with tart mulberries
ingredients include:  raw cacao beans, raw almonds, raw seeds (pumpkin, sesame, chia, hemp, and sunflower), dried coconut, dried mulberries, dark raw agave, and sea salt.

with dark raw agave and raw coconut palm sugar
chocolate fudge, vanilla and cacao icings
ingredients include:  raw cacao beans, raw almonds and cashews, raw coconut, fresh dates, vanilla beans,
cinnamon and sea salt.


Contact me for personalized orders and costs.  Orders can be placed through or calling 216-789-8811.

Payment is is appreciated in cash or check.