Unfolding into 2014

Life is very full, very busy.  It’s beautiful and chaotic at the same time.  Following is a little something I want to share with you, a taste of Cigfy and what goes on behind the scenes:

I still can’t believe that I reached three goals by mid December:
1.  I attended and assisted a birth (a baby girl!).
2.  I completed the first half of my herbalism training.
3.  I completed round one of Cigfy chocolates (the business).

And at the same time, while being a little overwhelmed most of the time, something was changing very deep inside of me.  I was feeling calmer, more grounded…Both life, and myself, was feeling…
dare I say Beautiful?!

Now, that’s not saying everything was Perfect.  Not the least.

But I was beginning to find a FLOW in life.  It was a feeling.
Years of chaos and fighting that chaos was quickly fading.

To celebrate my achievements and take in this new recognition of just being, I decided to take a winter break along with my kids and do very little.  I watched movies, read casually (ok, it was about aromatherapy for the spirit, think what you want), saw my family a lot and slept in.  I also thought a lot of these accomplishments and what 2014 could offer, if I allowed this flow to continue.

Just a few days after the New Year arrived the word UNFOLDING struck me.  That’s my word for this year.
I’m going to place it everywhere.  It IS time to unfold.
I visualize this as a flower blossoming or
an unborn child being birthed.  

Unfolding is exposing yourself to the unknown, it can be scary, it can be freeing…

I just read in an Ayurveda article that January is still very cold and dark (obviously!  I live in Cleveland), and that this is a time to stay indoors and prepare and plan for spring and new growth.

And funny thing is that I have been sitting with journals, lists, texts, books, oils, herbs, teas and chocolate during these cold dark days!   Actually feeling the unlimited possibilities for women to nourish, heal and balance.

Cigfy is becoming this beautiful place to share women’s wisdom, balance, and nourishment.  Welcome!

Love, Debbie
a chocolatier with an expertise in herbalism and nourishment, mom, creator (not in any particular order)



Disclaimer:  Now I might be leaving this blog with you having more questions.  What is she talking about??  What’s coming next??  Are there still chocolates?  Ahhhh, so much is going on.  So much is unfolding!  (see, there’s that word)  Recipes, stories, more goals, a good laugh at myself, a picture here and there of the kids.

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