You gotta have a sense of humor!

My Laughing Leila

My Laughing Leila

The Party Midnight Bar

I think these two pictures are a pretty good representation of Cigfy, me, my family, my friends, my practice.  I was just telling someone very dear to me that we have to have a sense of humor and laugh a little more.

I’ve been fine tuning this technique myself.  With four kids, the husband, and really wanting to express myself publicly with my skills, life is never dull.  And I just gotta laugh if what I really want to do is freak out.  This has been a great shift for me, as I can be pretty wound up and always wanting to present perfection.  Hitting 40 years old I’ve loosened up.  My hair is now “tie dyed” (as my daughter says) with shimmery silver, copper and black hair presenting itself.  And it’s turned uber-curly suddenly.  So I take the coconut oil each morning, slick it back and up it goes in a knotty twisty bun.  My favorite shirts are Hanes sleeveless ribbed tanks for men.  And I have started practicing yoga twice daily.  Yep, I wake up early to watch the sun rise and practice while my body is really tight and I twist it and shake it up for the day.  And I practice after the kids go to bed, close to 11pm! to take in all that has happened during the day and notice how I’m all loose and flexible, yet how impatient my body became (so then I have to bring it back home for sleep).  There is something to always experience, learn, laugh about…. my hair, how a yoga practice changes from a.m. to p.m., driving 4 kids at 8am to school and watching the time fly by as the bus comes at 4pm.  Sure, I might have a freak out temper tantrum moment, but I even end up laughing at that.

Check out these pictures.  Leila now walks non stop except for when she eats and sleeps.  She gets her shoes, her jacket, her “purse” on for the day.  And the chocolate picture?…Well, that’s for my dear friend Sara’s birthday.  She wanted the midnight bar and as I was making it for her, she ran to my home with sprinkles.  Ta-Da!  Party time for the Midnight Bar.  Again, just laugh and go with what’s happening.

What else?  Sunday, June 9th Cigfy will be at the Little Italy Art Walk in the Old School House.  (that’s the corner of Mayfield and Murray Hill).  Stop by and say hi, walk around with a little Cigfy herbal lemonade and some chocolate.

Thanks for keeping up with Cigfy!  Love, Debbie


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